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Baiyun Airport to downtown Guangzhou: 30 mins with high-speed rail & metro linked to T3

2020-July-3       Source: Newsgd.com

Tired of getting up extremely early and rushing to the faraway airport? Imagine in the future, it will only take you 30 minutes from downtown Guangzhou to Baiyun Airport, and 1 hour from the airport to major cities in the Pearl River Delta (PRD).

Tired of getting up extremely early and rushing to the faraway airport? Imagine in the future, it will only take you 30 minutes from downtown Guangzhou to Baiyun Airport, and 1 hour from the airport to major cities in the Pearl River Delta (PRD).

The exciting news is that this is real with a high-speed railway station planned to join Terminal 3, high-speed rail, intercity rail and metro introduced to terminals, and a rapid rail transit system within Baiyun Airport, which will also connect the airport and Guangzhou North Station.

[File photo\Nangfang Daily]

“By 2025, Guangzhou will have basically completed a modern comprehensive transportation system which is compatible with the world's first-class bay area and international metropolitan regions. The system features Guangzhou international aviation gateway hub, international shipping hub, international logistics center.”

Zhou Qingfeng, Deputy Head of the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, released the plan at the municipal press conference on epidemic prevention, control and resumption of work and production on July 2.

World-class airport: passenger throughput to reach 105 million by 2025

To speed up the construction of a world-class airport, Guangzhou will comprehensively enhance the capacity of Baiyun International Airport, complete the third-phase construction, and build a first-class international airline hub with 5 runways and 3 terminals.

“By 2025, the throughput will have achieved 105 million, and the long-term number will increase to 140 million,” said Zhou Qingfeng.

“By 2025, the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone?will have seen the value of cross-border e-commerce commodities circulating in the zone?exceeded?300 billion yuan, and companies’?main business income reaching?50 billion yuan,”?said Feng Zhijian, Deputy Head of the management committee of the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone. By then, the Zone will have gradually developed?into a preferred location for cross-border e-commerce business.

Metropolitan circle on the rail: 1 hour access to major urban centers in the Greater Bay Area

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The Guangzhou-Qingyuan Intercity Railway is expected to open at the end of October this year. This line will be operated by Guangzhou Metro, and travelers can take the intercity railway just like taking a bus.

The follow-up planning will gradually promote the integrated running of Guangzhou Metro and the PRD intercity railway to bring "one network, one ticket" convenience.

World-class port: cargo throughput to reach 660 million tons by 2025

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In 2019, the cargo throughput in Guangzhou Port cargo hit 627 million tons, up by 12.6% on a year-on-year basis, ranking fourth in China and the world. The container throughput registered 23.236 million TEUs, an increase of 6.1% year-on-year, ranking fourth in China and fifth in the world.

To promote Guangzhou Port from a large tonnage port to one with great value, Guangzhou strives to achieve a cargo throughput of 660 million tons and a container throughput of 28 million TEUs in 2025.

Road network: from downtown Guangzhou to Foshan & Dongguan -- trips within 60 minutes

[File photo\Nangfang Daily]

With Guangzhou as the center, in the improvement of a high-speed road network that radiates across southern China, a number of projects will be constructed to bring travelers greater convenience: 30 minutes from downtown Guangzhou to the Nansha sub-center, peripheral urban centers, and key functional areas, and 60 minutes to downtown Foshan and Dongguan.

Vigorously develop the hub economy: planning and construction of 71 major hub complexes

To build a hub economic cluster, Zhou said that Guangzhou will coordinate constructing major hub complexes (including high-speed railways, intercity rail and metro) with developing surrounding lands comprehensively, and synchronize the improvement of production and living service facilities.

In addition, Guangzhou will actively promote the integrated development of transportation and logistics, developing new formats and models as well as a modern logistics industry.

Author: Hannah

Editor: Steven, Jerry

Editor: Hannah

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